Lost clock reading on SatNav/splash panel.


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Yes, I was initially quite perturbed when my clock disappeared so, finding this fix was good and clear proof that the Internet and Forums serve a good purpose?
If anybody else wants it you could forward it on to them. If somebody at Corvette Central can or wants to keep the DVD for general member availability, good, do it and let me know. Otherwise please return to me and I append my address below.
Frank Mugford, 344 Fernhill Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 9EF.
Frank. The disc is on it’s way back to you. I am all sorted. Many thanks Trevor

Seahawk 80

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Dear Frank,
Could I bother you for the clock fix CDR?,I got my Dad to download my own version from the Paul Koener site but my Dad's about as good with technology as I am,needless to say it didn't work!