Making More Room For Wider Tires


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If your needing more traction like in the Racing I do
I prefer not using a offset type wheel to make a wider wheel/tire fit
I decided so make some changes
Stock front wheel were around 9" wide and 17" diameter.
I changed the wheel to 10x18 and use a 275/35/18 tire

For the rear, I do not like to use offset wheels that put more load on wheel bearings so you can do this, not hard to do
Mini Tube - pull carpet off hatch floor
Cut the rear upper inner fenders as one piece and move it (in my case 2" inches) inward and glass in the free space
Does not have to be rear pretty as all hidden once all is back together
You may have to hack a bet on molding is for rear speakers
And depending how far you went check that the ends of rear sway bar may need to be shaved a bit so it doe not hit

For rear then I went up to a 12"x18" wheel ( no offest) with 335/30/18 tires and with all wheels/tires changed did all 4 corners suspension alignment
None of the 4 tires stick out from body at all

Big change in good traction on all 4 corners.

While all apart I had the wheels power coated as due to brake heat in racing the color had faded off wheels :-(


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