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In response to feedback, Membermojo has been amended to give you more choice and, importantly, more opportunity to attend Regional events and meetings. With some Regions being relatively large and with some Members perhaps living close to the border of their “home” Region, you may be geographically closer to an adjacent Region for meetings etc. which you would like to hear about. You now have a solution by adding yourself to any Region’s mailing list and thus be advised of meetings, events etc. in the Regions which you select. You can select as many Regions as you wish, and can reverse your selection at any time.

To make these changes, log onto www.membermojo.co.uk/cccuk using your email address and password (if you have set one up). If you don’t have a password, you can opt to be sent a link by email which will redirect you back to the Membermojo website so that you can complete the log in process. You can then set up a password if you would like to via the "Your Membership" tab at the top of the Membermojo homepage.

Once you are in, select the "Your Membership" and then edit "Your Details". You see a full list of Regions so simply tick the ones you want to hear from and then save the changes.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are having any difficulties.