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No, it's not a C9 Corvette


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The C9 signs in this photo are simply an identifying mark used as final pre-assembly decisions were being made about the last of the C2 Corvettes...the 1967. The spinners (on the new-for-'67 rallye wheel caps), and the cone-shaped mirrors, did not make it into production. The spinners were legislated out, just like the optional knock-off spinners of previous years were, due to new U.S. safety regulations. The side mirror couldn't be used because it was too short to see over the rear fender.



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The story on the 1967 C2 Corvettes is that they we intended as the first C3 models for release to a waiting audience. However, delays on the new C3 body design slowed things, so the expected-refinements crafted into the final C2 year gave us the cleanest, most-handsome Corvette ever, without looking like a Japanese drifter. Many later designs offers trendy bells and whistles, scoops and creases and exotic lights...styles that appeal to many but may fade along with disco music.1967ChevroletCorvette-red-girl.jpg

The C2, in its final iteration, reached that stage where a slow long gaze over its incredible line, tells you this is truly something for the ages.