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My C6 is a 2007 Indy 500 pace car replica with a full set of factory fitted graphics. At present the paintwork is completely unmarked and I’m concerned that stone chips etc may appear at the front end as the mileage rises. The front fender could be re painted but NOT the bonnet due to the graphics so I’m considering some form of paint protection for the front end.
Does anyone have experience as to which system is the most cost effective?
Any, suggestions welcome!
Thanks, Nick


I have applied ppf to two C6 Corvettes and currently a Camaro. Full front end, bonnet, front wings, mirrors, windscreen pillars and front of rear wheel arches. Can't recommend it highly enough as apart from the obvious protection, it saves a lot of stress when people pull out in front on motorways etc, as I know I am immune from those tiny, annoying chips. It's not cheap but well worth it for peace of mind. I have used the company in Peterborough, which Steve mentioned above, twice and latterly a company in Waterlooville, Hants.

However, a word of warning - only use a company with access to the templates. They will cut them to size before fitting. DO NOT use a Company who lays a large piece of vinyl on your car and then attacks it with a variety of blades. Insist on no knives, and you'll be fine.

Occasionally you may see a tiny lift and a small amount of grime may appear on the edge of the film. I have a couple of "blemishes" on my car. I know where they are but I bet you couldn't see them. I guess it's the only downside of having it done.

Finally, I have black bonnet stripes on the Camaro and the film has been applied on top of them. There is a chance that the stripes may lift if the ppf is removed. Not a major problem for me with simple black stripes. Your decals my limit you as to what you want to do. I would go for it and be prepared to apply new bonnet decals if needed.
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