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Paul Golledge - 3 years now - gone but not forgotten.


CCCUK Member
Paul G was a top Surrey region Corvette, bike, beer and music lover - difficult to believe it's already three years since he left us. Amongst other things he introduced me to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Paul's funeral service was memorable. It included the delights of Motorhead and Hawkwind. Hurry on Sundown, see what tomorrow brings.

Gone but not forgotten.


CCCUK Member
Not forgotten indeed! I referred to him and his transmission replacement only last weekend, talking to a friend in the Corvette Club France.

Bizarrely, I first encountered Paul via the US Corvette Forum and we met sometime after. It transpired that some years before, he and Carey had seen our Corvette at a Guildford Cruise night and it was a bit of an inspiration to buy one themselves!

Many years ago Paul sent me a photo of his rotor runnout check procedure. Look closely at car, equipment and the "accoutrements" and it seems to sum Paul up!rotorsetup.JPG
A real character!


CCCUK regional rep
It was an honour to arrange and be part of the Corvettes following the funeral cortege. A fitting tribute to an all round genuine man.