Reprogramming fobs


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Does anyone have any experience of fobs not operating their various functions, like door opening, boot lid opening and alarm? These functions report to the RCDLR module. Presently working with the fob inserted in the glovebox slot and am looking at the possibility that this might be corrected by re-programming fobs as the RCDLR would appear to be operating, if even with reduced functionality.
There could be dry joints in the pcbs and possibly antennae connectivity issues but i wonder if reprogramming the fobs might work.
It needs a Nano, which is available on Amazon, and a laptop, which I have, but maybe somebody here has done the procedure and has the kit.
And would anyway appreciate any suggestions and advice.


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Frank - Never had that problem with my C6, but dumb question - Are the batteries in the fobs OK? Have never heard of a cars original/existing fobs needing reprogramming (new/replacement fobs yes). Where did you see this Nano/Laptop procedure? Think you have a UK spec car? According to this, for European cars fobs can only be programmed by a dealer.


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As above, never known it.
I changed batteries in my fobs earlier this year and they still didn't work. (Tronic)
I got some new Duracell ones and not had a problem since.


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Yes, I changed the fob batteries of course but I might just try Duracell as per above.
The Nano replicates GM/Opel procedures and obviates the need for Tech2 interrogation of OBD2 This is necessary to re-programme the fobs for UK spec cars although US spec cars will re-programme existing and replacement fobs when placing them in the glove box slot. The procedure is initiated by turning the key five times in the boot lid.
The Nano is £108 at Amazon.
Has nobody at CCCUK had this problem and/or carried out such a procedure? Faults appear to exist with earthing issues, pcb dry joints and connecting to antennae or faults therewith.
Be interested in knowing of anybody else's suchlike experiences.


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I used to get a few oddities with my C6. Remember on a trip to Le Mans when we stopped for petrol, started off again and after a few seconds dash said "FOB not present". This happened a few times and I put it down to us having both fobs in the car at the same time (my wife had the spare in her handbag). Batteries only lasted about 2 years before they needed replacing. The only way I could clear the dash issue was to get out the car, lock it, walk out of range and then come back again ! Do you get a "FOB Not present" message on the dash? Do you have anything else which might cause interference such as a tracker FOB?


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No tracker or other extra and/or extraneous electronics Jason. Have occasionally seen the 'fob not present' DIC message which might well be due to some sort of antennae connectivity issue.
I will probably now buy the Nano to interrogate my system and look at the possibility of a replacement RCDLR although it would appear that this module, of and in itself, tends not to 'go rogue'.
Even so, would still be interested to hear of anybody else's experience here in the UK; for the record, there seems to be some incidence of this with C6 owners in the US.


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Moving on with the problem: does anybody know the FOB frequency? Looking as if the actual FOBs could be the problem. I can hear the four relays clicking in and the FOBs on C6's are (apparently) known for malfunctioning.


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That controller also is for the TPMS so if they are working then controller is working and both use the same frequency
and if FOB working when parked seems to point to the FOB being the problem when wireless


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Some RCDLR GM info :

PIC4880A: RCDLR Locks Up When Programming Or No Communication - keywords chime chirp detected DIC fob horn key lock message no program reminder RKE transmitter up - (Oct 8, 2008)
Subject: RCDLR Locks Up When Programming Or No Communication
Models: 2005-2009 Cadillac XLR

2005-2011 Chevrolet Corvette

This PI was superseded to update model years. Please discard PIC4880.

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.


Some technicians may comment that the RCDLR (Remote Control Door Lock Receiver) "Locks Up" during programming or when attempting to communicate or there is no communication with the RCDLR.
This may be the result of a time out feature within the RCDLR or when programming the RCDLR. It is possible that the necessary fuses that needed to be removed for programming were not removed.


Prior to establishing communication with the RCDLR, press the mode switch as if you were attempting to start the vehicle. This will "wake up" the RCDLR and should allow communication. If there is a delay when attempting to communicate with the RCDLR, the mode switch may need to be pressed again to "wake up" the RCDLR.

If attempting to program the RCDLR and the module "Locks Up" it can be reset by removing the RCDLR fuse (#11 in the UBEC) for at least 30 seconds or longer and then reinstalling it. Once this fuse is reinstalled in the UBEC, there will be a 2 minute window to restart the programming of the RCDLR through TIS2WEB.
Failure to restart the programming of the RCDLR through TIS2WEB within 2 minutes may cause programming to fail and this procedure will need to be repeated.

It is recommended that the Tech 2 remain connected to the vehicle and that the TIS2WEB application is open and ready to program the vehicle prior to reinstalling RCDLR fuse #11 into the UBEC. Once you are ready to program, install fuse #11 and initialize programming immediately.


Prior to programming per the information below, the Radio and HVAC Fuses MUST be removed and the ignition must be in "Key On Engine Off Mode" The radio and HVAC fuses can be located in the BCM fuse block on the passenger's side floor electrical center. One of the fuses is labeled RDO/S'BAND/VICS and the other is labeled HVAC/PWR SND.

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.


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Thank you ZR1 for your comments. I have also had a detailed commentary from Dano on the US Forum and so I hope I might be getting somewhere with these advices. Have to say that Ian Allan weren't able to help except that I could go there I suppose and leave my car for an indeterminate(?) period.

Current Sitrep is:-
* I can hear the four relay clicks when the system fires up.
* Car starts and runs fine and everything (more or less) works with the FOB in the glovebox slot.
* The TPMS pretty much works although it seems to take awhile to reassert itself (often reading zeros here and there) and sometimes appears to misidentify wheels but only on the same axle.
* Driver's door works fine, inside and outside, whereas passenger door often does not work from the outside but always from the inside; have cleaned the opening pad contacts.
* Tom from Claremont declares he has always had problems with C6 FOB's and says he usually advises people to replace original/factory parts.
* Based on the above I plan to verify that my FOB's are actually transmitting so it would be a pleasing and simple resolution were it just an FOB issue.
* I will also carry out the Mode wake up procedure outlined above.


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Try finding any electronics shop that has a spectrum analyzer

He can set that up around the 400-450 Mhz range and then when pressing the FOB buttons they
could trap what frequency FOB put out and if the signal is fairly strong would verify if the FOBs are outputting correctly

If I recall there is antennas at each corner of car so test FOBs with the SA at different distances to see if they have the range.
Weak ground to RCDLR would reduce frequency range.

Fact when fob is on the receiver of console and all works well sounds like the FOBs output is wrong

Is it possible someone before you got the wrong FOBs such as the USA or mismatch of them and the RCDLR module is USA version ?


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Afternoon ZR-1.
No, I bought the car new and these are the original FOB's although I rather feel that they have deteriorated a little bit since new. I am planning to get hold of a RF tester:-
(1PC Frequency Detector Tester Counter For Car Key Remote Control Checker Gauge)

It appears it may be just a detector but, at £8 odd, it's worth a try. So, it may only detect RF and not be able to determine frequencies, I understand, from above, that the frequency is 433Mhz for UK cars.
I understand there are 4 antennae and that grounding can be an issue as well as dry joints. It also appears there is a dodgy diode in the RCDLR which often creates issues.

Based on Tom's comments, and my own gut feeling, perhaps the FOB's are 'worn out', although both at the same time might go against probability and does seem strange.
Thanks for your help and I'll return with any significant information.


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Hi Frank

Does both FOBs react in the same way ?
Does the tire pressure sensors work as that are on same controller ?

Have you taken the FOBs apart and cleaned the back side of the push switches and the contacts on the electronics board ?
Do the FOBS and the DIC work correctly when you do the relearn/sync process ?

Does you C6 have to comply as one for Canada ?


Have you gone through the process starting on page 232 ( or other page on your owners manual )
Assure driver 1 and 2 setups for both FOBs are linked up ?

Notice it states :

If a keyless access transmitter that is not
labelled 1 or 2 is used, the personalization system
will not recognize the transmitter. The Driver

Information Center (DIC) will not display a current
driver number and the features that are normally
programmed through the DIC will be set to
the default states. Also, if the OPTION button is
pressed, the DIC does not display the menus used
to set personalizations, but instead displays
OPTIONS UNAVAILABLE for a few seconds.

Does the FOBS turn the security system on and off ?



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Hope you could read this Frank , but I have the whole C6 GM service manual which is a lot of PDF files
Here is the wiring, locations of RCDLR controller and the 4 antenna
If you do not have the service manual, the wiring section PDF is like 4 meg bytes and if this system allows PDF and that size I could attach it

Else if needing it email me and I can email it to you



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Refer to my post at this forum

C6 Goodies

As I gave you all the C6 service and user manual and DTC codes, 250 meg bytes ZIP file that
when unzipped will have PDF files to read, I included Adobe reader to install if you do not have it (think it is version 9)


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Thanks JR; lot of information here for me to get through.
I'm a bit otherwise engaged at the moment as my wife was taken to hospital in severe pain yesterday; turns out there was a large Kidney stone trying to pass and we are still addressing the issue. Very painful.
I'll get back later but, in the meantime, many thanks.


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Frank, hope your wife gets wells well real soon !

You're welcome and hope the information helps solve your problem