Rpo 2’s


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PO2 covers, if you can lift them cover a beautiful Rally wheel. Derby cap and trim ring for me.
Yes , they do weigh a lot , you can imagine my consternation when the shippers took them off the wheels and put all four on my passenger seat 😖😱 I have always seen vettes with rings and derby’s so that is the traditional look I prefer. Just putting it out there, if anyone is in love with the rpo2’s I would be up for a swap or sale for the price of a set of rings and caps. 👍


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Don’t like them either. For some reason they look like they reduce the track and give a Vette that sort of on tip toes E-Type stance.

Rally wheels with trim or a period set of 15 inch alloys.


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My understanding is that decent ones are a bit like hen's teeth, or is that just original items? But, I'm afraid they don't do it for me. I prefer the centre cap and trim rings on a steel wheel.