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Saturday Santa Pod event at the Nats

A. Cruise from Sharnbrook Hotel to Santa Pod's & spectate at 'Run What Yer Brung' on 29th June 2019

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Could you clarify the voting Ross? Yes=spectate, No=race.... or what?
Yes, could have worded that better - have changed it now to Yes I'd like to join the cruise to SPR from the Sharnbrook Hotel (or No if you don't wish to attend)
If you'd like to compete on the track if will be your responsibility to arrange this yourselves with SPR direct (remembering your vehicle must be road legal, you'll need a helmet, pay SPR's separate sign-on fee, and have the vehicle scrutineered)


OK - based on the numbers interested to date we have done the sums and and the only way this will work for us is that members joining us on the cruise and attending SPRW's RWYB event on the Saturday morning will need to pay their own respective entrance fees (£15 per head) at the gate themselves - please make sure you have your current CCCUK window sticker on the car (or membership card) and you will be directed to a dedicated parking area for CCCUK members.
The club will refund £10 to the driver of the club members car attending the event (driver only) irrespective of whether competing or spectating.
Drivers of vehicles please retain your entry pass/gate receipt as proof of purchase.
As previously indicated member wishing to compete will need to organise this individually with SPRW directly. Run What Ya Brung (RWYB) - Rules & Regulations


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