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Save up to 15% on specialist insurance for your Corvette with A-Plan Specialist in Thatcham


Supporting vendor
A-Plan Specialist Vehicle Insurance in Thatcham are proud to support the Classic Corvette Club UK!!!

The Thatcham division was set up in 1994 to provide tailored insurance for your pride and joy... Insurance for enthusiasts, by experts. A-Plan employees are CII qualified and offer an advised insurance service from our panel of insurers. Policies can include track day cover, agreed value, limited mileage, multi-vehicle (not just Corvettes) and more!

Club discount of up to 15% is available through Thatcham Office only so please use the following contact details to come through to my team.

Call us on 01635 874646 or visit www.aplanspecialist.co.uk

My name is Carlie Norwell and I'll be your main contact online so if you need me feel free to comment on here or drop me a pm and I'll get back to you asap :) always happy to help.