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Daytona Vette

CCCUK regional rep
I just happened on this old post via Google on the old Forum (Link below)

Do not trust a Bank Transfer the money can be clawed back trust me on this

Remember the majority of Bank Transfer Fraud (when you are to be the recipient of funds) is often carried out with the Account holders consent (the same as Card transactions)

Payment by way of cash at your Bank - let the payee pay the money in front of you direct into your account - Do not handle the money (notes may be Hookey) Check the balance of your account there and then to see that full payment has been made. Obviously only do this with a Bank Cashier not a Payment Machine

Result - The Bank Cashier accepted the Notes and there is no trail on the payment for it to be challenged and clawed back.

I recently was on the receiving end of a Scam Transfer for £4.5 K where I received the money but knew that once I had sent the goods the money would be clawed back, plus the receipt of goods by a bona fide recipient would be challenged. With the way everything happened something also pointed to someone in the particular Bank was involved with the recipient scammer and of course once I said I was going to refund the payment, the scammer gave me the account details to which I should direct the refund, which of course was not the same account from where the funds originated.