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Selling my beloved Torch Red C5 Corvette Z06 405hp


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Selling my C5 Corvette Z06 year 2002 405hp
I've had my Corvette for 11 years and enjoyed every moment of owning it
now is the time for me to move on as I'm not getting the use of it that I
previously did as it spends most of it's time in the garage.
I've down the servicing myself or had things like brake pads etc done by
a mechanic the car has been very reliable with no major problems.
the mileage is 37868 which is still pretty low the car is a 6 speed manual
I have included some pics also photos of slight damage to the bonnet & front
bumper this was caused by the garage door going back onto the car as I was
reversing out of the garage the bonnet was a stone chip on the motorway
other than that the car is spotless and trouble free.
I'm looking for £19,550.
Please contact me by phone for further details I will message you my number

Des Hall


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