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Eric w

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Hi guys has anyone had any experience with getting the “service active handling “ message on the C6. I’ve just had new tpm’s fitted all round and a couple of other jobs. Car was running super then on the way home from Capesthorne at the weekend up pops this message. Also the car seems to of lost a bit of power at the same time either that or I’m just getting more used to driving it, but def not accelerating as it did . Can’t be if my wife kept up in her mini on the way home lol 😂 Any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Fishy Dave

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Could the "other jobs" have affected it? Never had that on my C6, but obviously some stuff on it on the web as you may have seen?
Yes, would be good to know what the other jobs were. Without clicking on the link, my understanding is that a lot of things can cause this error, the commonest being mismatched tyre sizes front to rear, steering position sensor failing, intermittent wheel speed sensors and possibly TPMS sensors.

I have this error message occasionally, mostly when turning at full lock at very low speeds, when the front tyres scrub a little. It can be very dangerous when you switch the safety systems off but the car decides to switch them back on again at high speed, as it did to me once at Castle Combe. As I run with traction and stability all off on a dry track I fixed this problem by wiring in a switch, to force the system to stay off.

On the road and in the wet I just put up with this strange issue every six months or so.