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brought my c5 2001 out of the garage a few weeks ago stored with battery disconnected fired it up and the traction control light came on along with usual warnings service traction control abs etc had this come up a few times previously but usually gone off after a few seconds this time it didnt stayed locked on solid with the code c1276 H C . reset the code would go away for about 30 seconds then on again ( not the easy relay fix code c1214 that brings the same warnings up ) so to cut a long story short tried a replacement ebcm found in spain at a silly price fitted that exactly the same so assumed some thing else was triggering the code tried everything new earths ( mine were powder in the connectors common problem ) chopped and solder lugged them to chassis continuity tested all cables ( not helped by 2001 wiring diagram incorrect showed connections 5 and 13 going to ebmc from pcm they are not used on my pcm ) 3 weeks later every connector wire continuity tested earth replaced . all earths checked modules provided with new earths and new battery fitted and its still there
now the bit i dont understand forgot to to turn the ignition off came next morning to resume head scratching as i can usually fix most things battery dead ok put it on charge for a couple of hours started it up and code gone been ok for a month now so if any one can shed any light on this i dont see how a battery slowly discharging can effect this its the weirdest fix i have ever had given that the battery was on and off for days whilst checking connectors and earths ( 2 of the existing earth multi pin connectors were very bad and its poorly designed i think for vehicle wiring almost as if they were designed to create problems a few years down the line )

Robert Craske

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I had this C1276 code and the car would also keep throwing up a load of other codes plus occasionally my drivers door window would not work and in the DIC it was showing no communiction with the door module. I found a link on the American forum and saying about the plug connection in the door pillar in the wiring . It also stated that the bad connection here could cause a load of different codes. I have unplugged the connection and squeezed up the terminals to make better contact. You have to pull away the bellows between the door and the door pillar. There is not much room to work here but you are just able to pull the plug connection out of the door pillar. So far all seems good since I have done this but I have not had a real chance to drive and test the car.