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Slowest Selling cars 2018 (Autocar) 18 C7's


CCCUK Member
That's an interesting list, if not overly surprising. Most are hideous monstrosities or so-called "supercars" but a couple of disappointing inclusions are the two Vauxhalls. Why didn't Vauxhall push the VXR8 more? And personally, I think the Cascada is rather nice, if a tad large? But it's not selling well in its US format either. The LHD thing must have an effect, as the article says. We see plenty of Camaros here, probably more than Mustangs in fact, despite the 'Stang being the best selling "sports car" worldwide. They certainly shift masses of Camaros at our local dealership in Tours!

There's been no talk about it, but seeing how GM has almost given up "selling" Corvettes on this side of the Atlantic, I don't see the C8 being available in RHD anytime soon..... Unforrtunately, Chevy keeps talking about it's "World beating sports car", but forgetting that the world doesn't stop at the US coastline:D:D