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SOLVED!! C6 Fob Battery Positive Clip


CCCUK Member
My spare C6 fob wasn't working when I bought the car and this is why... the battery positive clip is missing.

Would any have or know where I could get one of these please?
I'm trying to see if it is perhaps a generic fob part, but not found one yet.

Thank you in advance.

c6 fob battery clip.jpg


CCCUK Member
No not Nick Craig, I'm Graham who brought your car over! ;)

Yes, sadly it is looking like a used fob is the only way, but £70-£100 to get a small clip seems brutal. :confused:


Busy user
Whoops lol wow yeah way too much money I was thinking maybe a keyfob was going to be cheaper.. An engineering place could make it but not sure how much