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Something to consider - maybe ?


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Something for the membership - but perhaps in particular the committee to consider and comment on.

As we know our esteemed Ex Chairman and now membership secretary has a Camaro, Gavin one of the Western region members has one (and - I've just bought one)

I like being part of this club and in particular part of the Western Region - So its really a selfish suggestion.

How about opening up the club to Camaro owners....

This would help to expand the membership, increase the number of members (and the club income) add another dimension and perhaps interest to existing members.
Club perhaps could be renamed Corvette Camaro Club UK - Separate Threads on here etc etc. I don't believe Camaro owners have any decent club or forum to join in the UK and if promoted this could be it?

What do you think?


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For my part - Absolutely not! Next it will be the "Corvette and Camaro Club. I may seem draconian, but I would resist this vigorously.

I fail to see why the Corvette is not "enough". The same at The Nationals, which is the Corvete Club Day, not, or it should not be, an "all comers" day. You do not find that sort of thing at a Porsche club meeting, or MG, Lotus etc, so why Corvette, a decidedly more unique car.

Just as an aside, I'd say rather than obsessing about increased membership, better to get a higher proportion of that membership to actually do something with the club! The percentage of "active" members is abysmal.
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As an ex-Committee Member, I can tell you that (unless there's been a step-change in policy that I've completely missed) the CCCUK is an enthusiasts club and not and owners or drivers club. Therefore, all enthusiasts of the Corvette marque are welcome to join, participate and do whatever they want, irrespective of what they own/drive

If you're keen to be allied to a Camaro club, there's already one. Google says so....