Thoughts on this C6 Grandsport for sale?


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Been on the market a while
Correct if I'm wrong but the rear lights are not yet converted. Wonder what the back story to this car is. Any potential things to look out for? Not sure on the price. Seems to be a bit near to the C7s

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Have seen this C6 Grand Sport for sale myself and personally I feel it's overpriced, given the mileage and year? The saying goes that "If the roof goes down, the price goes up?" I purchased a 2010 C6 Grand Sport coupe last year with far less mileage and equally good condition for less than the asking price on this one. If I were haggling on this car then I'd perhaps aim more towards £30,000 - £31,000. You will need to check the service history very closely, check for tyre wear as these are expensive to replace and general condition of the bodywork. The auto box may make it slightly more expensive but I still think it is £2,000 - £3,000 overpriced. From what I can see in the pictures this is an American import Corvette rather than a Euro spec car, unless I'm mistaken this could also mean a more expensive annual road tax bill. Hope this helps, contact me if you need any further advice, my contact details are shown at the back of the Vette News magazine - cheers ;)(y)


I believe its UK/Euro supplied vehicles have the more expensive RFL (as compared with a USA spec' personal import and the 'fixed' lower rfl rate) although the calculation gets confusing with later model cars. I also prefer the look, body spec and wheels of the GS (and the auto transmission) but in exactly the same way if choosing a C6 Z06 I would reasonably expect a car with far lower mileage than 45K for that asking price.


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I paid a visit there last July actually and saw the vehicle in the flesh. I have taken a recent interest as the dealer has put it back on sale (albeit not on Autotrader). Price/miles same as before. They said they had an offer which fell through as the potential buyer wanted to offer around £32k

I do like the shape of the C6. The front however is where it is showing its age imo. This example has the headlights looking a bit hazy/dim. I am not sure on the longevity of chrome rims also. Morimoto headlight swap and chrome rim restoration (or polishing) might mean another 2-3k for this car to look more special. And that's the thing it then creeps into cheaper C7 territory. I'm a bit puzzled why these vettes are slow selling (?) - the silver C7 in Essex has been there few months at a competitive £43k and the C6 ZR1 in Scotland still on sale.

Couple of quick questions - is there any known mechanical issues with the convertible rag top to anticipate later down the line. To be fair the top didn't look faded when I inspected it. Also how would the car pass the MOT with the rear lights being like they are? I would have to pay for a conversion no


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... and chrome rim restoration (or polishing)
Good luck with that if the Grand Sport Chrome rims are anything like the ones I had on my standard C6. The alloy on the wheels is "unfinished", just rough, and the Chrome finish is more of a "sticker" on top of the alloy. My wheels were starting to peel slightly, particularly around the air valves. Having spoken to a couple of wheel restoration companies they both stated there was no way to refurbish the Chrome. All that could be done would be to try and strip the entire Chrome finish piece off, machine finish the wheels and then maybe paint. For the expense it appears a better option sourcing aftermarket replica wheels from the USA. They were around $1,400 a set as I recall.

It looks a like a 3LT specification car so has all the options including bluetooth phone support. Headlights are flat beam so do not need a conversion, but there do not appear to be any side repeaters which would be an MOT fail at most places. As already stated, the rear lights look US spec which is also a fail.

Depends how well you know the MOT station and what they are prepared to overlook


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Thanks for the replies. Makes more sense to stretch the budget for a C7. This prob won't be possible for me until a few years however. Will be keeping an eye on C7s over the coming years esp once the C8 gets its official UK launch and its effect on C7 residuals if any. A red C7 would really be the ultimate dream. The only other sports car I am eyeing up is RHD Mustang in the right spec (Orange Fury or Green with silver rims) . Happy to hold onto what I have and play the waiting game