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Tyre pressure recommendations


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I've got some C6 wheels on my 02 Camaro, 245/40R18 fronts and 285/30R19 rears. **** NOTE: my tyres are marked XL, meaning reinforced stiffer side walls ****

Given that the weight and wheelbases are similar, what sort of tyre pressure are used for these size tyres on the C6? I'm currently running 35psi all round, but it feels rather harsh. Can't help thinking that with all that extra contact patch that I could get away with a bit less pressure.

I've seen figures bandied about anywhere from 30psi all round to 36/34 front/rear. What is people's experience our cooler UK climate?

All the best
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I have 255/45/18's and 285/40/18's on my 68' BB. With more or less 50/50 weight distribution I run them at 32 psi all around. Any more is far too harsh - less just seems too soft. Tyre wear seems fairly even across the treads.


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I have the big meats 19 & 20's on my '16 Z, factory says 30psi, and I keep it there in the summer, once they heat up, it's up to 32-33. Colder weather, I keep them at 32, may go up 2 if not too cold. When snoozing for a while in the winter, I'll pump up to 35.


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Cheers for the info so far. It all seems pretty consistent.

Can I ask if the tyres people have mentioned are *normal* or *XL* (reinforced) or *run flats*. The side walls get progressively stiffer across those tyre types.


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My sizes are 285/30R19 front tire and a 335/25R20 rear. After replacing 10 OEM Michelin's runflats from several track runs, and now just cruising and trips, I replaced all with non-runflat Pirelli's, what a difference, just a much smoother ride, and tire noise is almost non-existent.
Flats? Keep a plug kit and small 12v air pump on board, if I can't fix it, that Platinum AAA will work. :)


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sorry, I might have meant 25 profile. meaning that those rears are such low profile they must look like a smear of rubber painted on the rim! :)


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Hi Gavin,
I had 275/40 R17's all round on my Z28. I ran with 30 psi. I would try 32 psi and see how that feels.


Jack Cooper

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The 30psi recommended for the C6 on the manufacturer's original label would assume the tyres are as per factory-fit, i.e. Goodyear F1 Run-flats.
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