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Visit to Topcats Racing Workshop Saturday 28 March

Added to Calendar: 28-03-20


CCCUK regional rep
We have been invited back to Topcats Racing workshop for a visit. The workshop is located near Aylesbury. For those of you who don't know Topcats they do work on a whole variety of cars as well as running a TVR race team. They know Corvettes well and have transplanted V8's in a number of TVR's. They are a great bunch of guys, not just "technicians" that replace modules but proper mechanics that can do a complet gearbox stripdown, engine rebuilds, fabrications, upgrades etc.etc. Well worth a visit. They are also doing free healthchecks on our cars. If you want your car up on the ramp and checked then you will need to let me know as there are only a limited number of time slots available for this. Otherwise just let me know you want to come along for a look around.
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CCCUK regional rep
Due to the current virus situation and the advice from the Government on social distancing we have cancelled this event and will reschedule at some future time