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Welder Up Las Vegas Cuts up the Dung Beetle


Three years ago I happened to be in Las Vegas on Business and rather than fly right back home at the end, we were joined by another Corvette Club member and his wife for a week of Vegas Fun and Route 66 adventures. On the first day it was shopping for the ladies and Counts Customs, Welder Up and the Shelby factory for the boys...... So I have gotten to see up close what Steve has done to create some unique cars. Now I appreciate its not everyones taste but it would be boring if we were all the same. Another thing I discovered in recent years is Drag Racing and the Street Outlaws series on TV. So when Welder UP met one of the iconic cars from the show I had to let you all know about the video.
Give it a go, you might enjoy it!!DSC00826.JPG



CCCUK Member
Think someone would get maimed by that at some point.

Love Count’s Customs stuff though.

This used to be by the side of the railway on the way to London.