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What Auto Transmission Fluid to use?


CCCUK Member
Having my trans serviced soon. It'll be refilled with full synthetic fluid this time. Works better and runs cooler..


CCCUK Member
So I finally got round to checking the trans fluid level in the way you are meant to do it - on level ground in Park idling. Trans was Not hot, probably, because the car had barely moved. I pulled the dipstick wiped it put it back in then took a reading. And couldn’t see any oil on the stick!! Except maybe a tiny bit of wetness at the very end of the tip of the stick. Barely a millimetres worth. Car was driving fine after that (I had to get home). And shifting ok. Haven’t yet checked level of oil with trans/engine/car cold and still and not running. Last time I did I did see enough oil on the stick. I read last night in my 1987 owners manual that when checking the fluid if the trans is cool then expect to see the level 3 - 10 mm below the “add 1 pint” mark. I was still below that. Any thoughts on if this is just an obvious highlight that I need to simply top up and get on with life, or is it fine and just more due to my inexperience of checking trans oil level along with the various conditions that determine whether the level you see is bad or not? It’s obviously not as simple as checking engine oil!