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Wonderful garage/maintenance services....


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Hi there all !
Just wanted to let you all know of a superb place in West Sussex near to me that I found (at one of the Goodwood Breakfast Club meetings) while my usual "go-to" man (Steve from Dart Corvette near to Tonbridge) is taking a well earned break as he's recovering from back surgery/issues. The new place is called "Pilgrim Motorsports" and they're based in Small Dole, near Henfield in West Sussex (their website is Replica Cobra and Speedster manufacturers & Classic Mustang Suppliers - Pilgrim MotorSports) and, whilst it might look like they're predominantly Mustang guys, they have loads of 'vette knowledge (and more importantly, enthusiasm !). The General Manager is a chap called Martin and, one of the reasons I really like them is that they're more than happy to chat through any issues, providing reassurance that they look to fix, rather than just replace, anything that might be awry and fixable, unlike some places I've been to in the past before I found Dart. Give them a call and mention my name and "Bertha" my white '78 C3 which is currently in there undergoing some "winter TLC".



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Thanks for the tip. The mobile tyre fitter I use here in Sussex has raved about that place too, I think, but not in relation to Corvettes specifically.


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I've found them very helpful. I recently viewed a '71 'Vette they have for sale. They were only too happy to put it up on a lift for me to check its undersides and they also removed a footwell kickplate to let me assess the extent of any birdcage rust.
They still have the car for sale. It's advertised as War Bonnet Yellow although the car is actually Sunflower Yellow. At the time I viewed it the wipers didn't work and they had just overhauled the carb which still needed adjustment, but Martin assured me these problems were in train to be fixed. It's a nice car if a little pricey.