You Made the News Again Here in USA


I guess it's a sign of the times!! I recall seeing that it affects petrol cars built prior to 2006 and diesels more than 4 years old. No specific mention of big V8s!!


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I was looking at this yesterday, and wondering why/how this "big V8" is "ULEV approved" ?

Lexus RC F 5.0 Limited Edition Only 1 Off 10 Built ULEZ Approved

So put the reg # of the car into the Transport for London online "ULEV checker" and it gives me the message:

"No ULEZ charge due for this vehicle - This vehicle meets the emission standards for ULEZ so you don't have to pay this charge when driving within the zone".

That's a 2019 model year car which, according to Autocar, has been "detuned by 12bhp to 451bhp due to emissions laws."
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Think I heard in one tv report, that other major cities in England will follow suit. They said they want to encourage more people to use public transport! Have you seen and smelt the crap coming out of most buses. Fair enough if all of their buses were hydrogen. I'd love to see a comparison of how much one of their current buses pollutes and compare it with equivalent number of passengers in cars. 40 passengers, so say 10 cars, obviously more congestion, given length of 10 cars to one bus, but the emissions? Don't see or read anything about their greener public transport policies, but then again, I don't buy/read "the papers" enough. Reeks of another money making scheme, thinly disguised as environmental assistance. Rant over.


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Thankfully, that's in London, far far away from me in the South West. As I'm not particularly fond of London, I must confess I'm not overly fussed that they are doing this.

However, I did laugh A LOT when they said that classic cars are exempt from the fees - I have the right to drive around London in my 68 Vette bringing joy and happiness to them all and not get charged for it (well, except for the 2 or 3 tanks of gas to get there and back again).


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Our little V8 club at work were having a laugh about this... one lad has a 1999 3.9 V8 Landrover Discovery that's exempt (at 10mpg), yet another lad has just bought a 3 year old 2.0 diesel that does 70mpg... that is charged! Not that any of us live near London. Just find it a humorous sign of the times, that such good intentions can be so perverse and so ineffective at the same time!