Your help is needed please


Nothing to report I'm afraid, except that the Club needs your help, please. Apologies if you have seen this plea elsewhere on the website.

As Chairman, part of my role is planning and my immediate concern is for the Committee going forward after the AGM. There is no doubt that a full Committee helps immensely as we can achieve more as a complete team, which is currently the case. The entire Committee stands down at the AGM so all Committee positions are up for grabs. Some of the Committee (including me) will be hoping to do another year and will re-stand, but some are not. I know that we will need to fill Public Relations, Secretary and Events Co-Ordinator, but as I said, all positions are available.

I fully accept that some may not feel qualified to join any Committee, let alone the CCCUK Committee, but let me reassure you that all you need is a little bit of passion and a desire to help the Club. You don't need any skills (I haven't got any) and the fact that we have a Treasurer who happens to be an Accountant is pure fluke. I'll be honest, occasionally we have to grasp the nettle but overall it can be fun and it's very rewarding to see your efforts come to fruition.

Please let me know if you are even vaguely interested and I will give you as much honest info as you need. The profiles for the Committee roles can be found in the Resources section of the website.