Can anyone recommend a tuner who uses HP Tuners in the UK?


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Having just bought a 2005 C6 with an APS Twin Turbo install, I would like to find someone I can talk to about a custom tune.
I believe it has the generic map that APS supplied with the kit (the central display says "TWIN TURBO VETTE" on start-up, which is a nice touch).
But the car was imported in 2016 and I doubt it's been serviced and definitely not tuned since.
It pulls fairly hard, but with a few stutters in the higher gears on full throttle. I'm sure an experienced tuner would be able to smooth it out and optimise for our fuel ratings.


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Turbo Technics in Northampton if you live within easy reach . They have been going for donkey`s years and highly regarded . I have used them on turbo cars I have owned in the past and my mate who preps race cars swears by them .


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Thanks for the replies. I actually found a thread on PH I posted 12 years ago when I asked the exact same question, but for my C6 Z06! I was recommended to contact Wortec near Chichester who are the official UK HP Tuners agent and have a great rep within the UK tuned LS engine community (Holden, Ultima as well as Chevy).
It's booked in with them for half a day's tuning on the 16th September and it will also be dyno run there, so it will be very exciting to see what this baby can actually produce!