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My C7 has been insured through Adrian Flux for a couple of years now. Check 'em out.
Hi Stingray i did phone them up , they were not too bad but did not like the pay now (even though my insurance was not up until Nov 4th) or you will loose the quote and it could be more money after this , saying that i would have gone with them if it wasn't for a better price from Brentacre Insurance who put no pressure on me to take out the cover with them at all. I do have my van insured with Adrian Flux and found them fine with that policy.


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So did we all see the Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) prog on TV the other night? Him saying that you get the cheapest car insurance quotes circa 21 days before the expiry of your existing policy. Per him, if you are getting quotes closer to the expiry date, insurers regard you as a higher risk? Never heard that one before?

Just in case this helps anyone, received my Admiral multi-car renewal for the C7 and daily driver the other day. Didn't look bad with just marginal price increases over the previous year. Went onto the Aviva (multi-car) website for a quote. That told me that they wouldn't insure the C7. Gave them a ring and guy answering spoke with the underwriters. Still no go, as per him "they don't have an insurance rating for it on their system and cant insure it as "new business." If I had an existing motor policy with them, they might have been able to do something for me".

So then went onto the "Compare the Market" website and got two individual quotes. Best quote on the daily driver, from a company I have never heard of, was same as the Admiral renewal. Best quote for the C7 was LV (Liverpool Victoria) but £313 (60%) more than the Admiral renewal. Surprised me to get a LV quote, as they were telling me a few months back (see above) that they don't insure C7s.

Update 14/02/2020 - Got a new quote from LV, thru another source, that's cheaper than Admiral can do and a whopping £493 cheaper than the CTM LV quote. Result!
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Yup, as ever in the whacky world of car insurance premiums are all over the place. When I bought my C7 (2015) I was annoyed at the high quote from Flux, particularly as they had previously covered my C5 and the next sports car for ages. My C7 ended up with Classic Line for the first couple of years. However, since then my C7 has been back with Flux who are now making a lot more sense. For what it's worth, this year's premium, just renewed, was £495