Nice looking Vettes with Attitude here please




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Vereee nice ! (y)
The tyres are stretched on the green one, the angle of the back of the roof on the red one looks different, but nice, I see the red one is like an RR - the hood is adorned with the spirit of Ecstasy - however the Hood would be better with a normal hood line - Keep these Vettes with Attitude Coming Please
They aren`t tyres , they are rubber bands ! Clearly not intended for our crap road surfaces . :mad:
As for the Spirit of Ecstasy , I wouldn`t let her scramble over my bonnet in those boots , but she sure could sit some place else ! 😜


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VARIATION ON THE THEME . Has anyone got professionally taken photos of their cars for magazines , events , websites , etc ?
For starters here is the Purple Peril preparing for take off at Turweston Airfield on a Silverstone Classic Car Club meet .Corvette.jpg

Daytona Vette

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View attachment 10300View attachment 10301View attachment 10302View attachment 10303View attachment 10304View attachment 10305View attachment 10306CCCUK photographer Jonny Bens took a series of images of mine some ten years or so ago enroute to the Nats at Soth Mimms services and then on the A1. Sorry fella's too many really
Have you got Alloy Heads Ross?
I have a couple, taken by the photographer/owner at C&M and posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages.
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I am looking forward to seeing this Vette on 04.07.21 at our Breakfast Meet - it looks very nice to me