The Las Vegas Baked C4 build.


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That rear hatch is a cow !! Did side windows fine but the rear !!!
I took it off in the end laid it upside down and put towels in and soaked it in thinners nothing in 2 days ended up with paint stripper and a Stanley blade !! Still bits on it but I got the log book through and wanted to drive it ! So it’s got forgotten about now lol
I had a feeling it was going to be a tuff one 😩
I’m thinking of leaving it until summer and trying the big bag technique.


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Been busy the last week with a few projects on the car. Been doing more work on the dash but I won’t bore anyone with that until complete and I can show before and after pictures.
I’ve also been attending to a lot of body work filling and sanding again I’ll upload pictures when complete.
However one project I started today which has a before, during and after pictures are the wheels, well wheel only done one so far but the process will be the same for all three so for now here is the wheel progress.

Although not the era correct wheels for my car and I do plan to get the correct 1990 wheels eventually. I thought I’d brush up the ones I have as they were looking a little shabby with a bad case of lacquer peel.


first agood clean with Megiar’s wheel cleaner. This stuff is amazing, highly recommend.

Then I applied some paint stripper, unfortunately not so good at all, as you can see in the picture below it barley touched it....

So as usual when we starting these jobs they become bigger than we expected 🙄
I had to sand the lacquer due to
The paint stripper not working!
Wet sanding my way from 400 grit all the way up to 3000 grit, a long process and in all honesty I didn’t do as good of a job as I hoped. The tedious sanding got the better of me and I think I rushed coats. After a good polish with Autoglym’s metal polish (again great stuff) the end result was satisfactory for an afternoon and evenings grind!

End result...

Before and After, not perfect and still
Some sanding swirls, but at least the lacquer peel has gone. Tomorrow I’ll do the other 3 and touch up the corvette logo’s on centre caps.



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Looks good.
Paint stripper has gone all environmental. 29 years ago I used to strip wheels with Nitro Mors all the time. Nowadays it doesn’t do anything


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Looks good.
Paint stripper has gone all environmental. 29 years ago I used to strip wheels with Nitro Mors all the time. Nowadays it doesn’t do anything
Gutted, saw loads of YouTube videos where it stripped it straight off with ease, they were youtubers in the US though. The stuff I got did absolutely nothing 🙄 must be as you say, environmental diluting.


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Small update and small ascetic difference but a big bloody job to get the part of to repair.
Instrument cluster lens was very smoky from sun damage, I could barley see the dials.
So stripped it down removing foot well dropping steering wheel etc to finally be able to remove the instrument cluster, removed the lens made my way going over it with different grades of sand paper then finally buffed up with some polish and I can now finally see through it.






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Not much of an update but just thought this was a cool find and worth posting.

Working on these old cars can be sole destroying at times and today was one of them days for me.
One of them days you spend several minuets with your face in your hand feeling your finances trickling further into the car than you originally wanted and the small goals you set your self drifting further and further away.
Then boom the car gives you a little love back, an easy fix, a sense of achievement, or in today’s case for me a little bit of history and potentially something a little rare and special that reminds you one of the reasons why you got in to this in the first place, for a piece of that American history!

so check this fossil out 😂

Thought I’d check out my spare and give it a clean. Only turns out it’s the original factory spare with factory Jack. I don’t think this thing has ever been used! Cleaned the wheel but the Jack was already spotless!







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Perks of a nation lock down is time to get a few bits done on the car.
The battery terminal bolts finally arrived today but late evening, so tomorrow the old girl will get some power in her and I can finally see what other skeletons await me! 😱

today I thought I would attended to the cowl drains and gave it all a good clean out. Then removed and painted wiper arms and mesh grills. Give that whole area a refresh!
really pleased with the outcome.

How it was looking. As you can see it was in a bad state, full of that Las Vegas sand.



All completely blocked!!!8973


Well I wasn’t expecting it to come up that clean Bonus!


Nick of paint for these bits....

few hours later, fitted them. Looking fresh!!!


A little side by side comparison....