Video of two C6's on track

Fishy Dave

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Filmed before the lockdown, when myself and a soon to be renewing member (Ritchie) headed to Snetterton on 9th March. It's the first time I've seen another C6 at a trackday and made for a good comparison. The video accompanies articles to be printed in the next issue of Vette News.
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Forrest Gump

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Great stuff Dave (y) (y)
Good to see two C6s together on track, that could be a UK first.
Are you still planning to swap the diff ratio?

Fishy Dave

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Thanks :)
This was actually the cars first outing with the new ratio (I finished it a few days before this trackday). I only have a fairly slow lap on film with the old 3.42 diff, but you can sort of see the difference:
Ritchie's silver C6 has the Z51 ratios and he said that he could just keep it in 4th on both straights, whereas I needed 5th. The 4.10 has transformed the car now, making it feel more powerful and also more fun. Hope to make a better comparison next time we get to North Weald. :)